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Adolescent Program
(High School – Graduation)

Our Adolescent Program seeks to provide a fun, safe, and honest space for adolescents to build a peer community to support them in their journey to recovery. Primarily led by peers, this allows participants to take ownership of their experiences and use them to help each other navigate their individual recovery. Participants gather daily to hangout and socialize, and engage in a variety of recovery pathways including 12-Step based groups. Participants also get the opportunity to meet with professionally trained Recovery Coaches to form the right recovery plan for them.

(AGE 18-25)

Our Young Adult Program is a space for emerging adults in recovery looking to have a safe and supportive peer group where they can seek guidance as they navigate the challenges of independence and recovery. Walking hand-in-hand, PDAP watches as peers develop the necessary life skills to live a healthy life. Gaining access to 12-Step based recovery meetings, individual Recovery Coaching from trained Peer Support staff, and immersion into a community of peers seeking holistic recovery, these emerging adults gain invaluable tools towards developing an understanding that recovery is still fun!


Substance abuse affects the entire family. Our Family Program seeks to support caregivers in developing a better understanding of their loved ones experience with substance use disorder and what to expect on the path to recovery. Caregivers are able to access peer support groups, Recovery Coaching, Parent Workshops, and socializing opportunities. Through the power of the group, caregivers find healing in their own path to recovery.

Community Outreach

At PDAP, we have been utilizing the principles of peer based recovery for 50 years, so we provide the expertise needed to foster healing. Our outreach is focused on strengthening prevention, building awareness and education, and supporting access to resources for all. We provide training to community partners through workshops focused on professional development and topics related to substance use disorders and mental health recovery.


Recently launched, the “Palmer Prevention Program” (3P) targets elementary-age youth in order to reduce future substance use and violence. Our evidence-based curriculum helps to build protective factors among these students, grades three through five, by increasing self-esteem, promoting healthy attitudes, and improving their knowledge of essential life skills. Drug Resistance Skills are built into the curriculum to help students build effective defenses against pressures to use nicotine, alcohol, and other drugs.

Think you could benefit from having a prevention program in your school?

For Clinicians

PDAP strives to support participants living with co-occurring disorders and connect them with necessary resources. At PDAP, we believe the participant and family are experts in their healing journey allowing us to individualize recovery plans to fit their needs. We partner with community-based recovery services and work as a team to incorporate participants’ clinical treatment needs in efforts to create holistic wellness. If you are a clinician wishing to collaborate, please reach out to our team at


What is PDAP?2021-06-21T18:29:25-05:00

PDAP is an alternative peer group (APG) that serves adolescents, young adults, and their families through peer-to-peer support. Our program strives to lead by example a life to recovery through utilizing multiple pathways to recovery while you live at home.

Are there costs associated with our program?2021-06-22T17:58:36-05:00

PDAP’s Alternative Peer Group remains free for participants and relies solely on private donations to support our critical programs; we receive no local, state, or federal funds. Your tax-deductible charitable gift directly impacts the lives of Houston youth and families and helps offset our projected annual operating budget of $575,000. Each donation of $250 covers one participant’s weekly services. Any additional or larger contributions help expand our reach to more participants in need.

Is PDAP the right program for my Family?2021-06-21T18:31:23-05:00

PDAP’s program is a voluntary. During the intake process, trained professionals will work with you to create a recovery plan that is right for your family.

What are the attendance guidelines?2021-06-21T18:32:12-05:00

We believe frequent and consistent attendance builds a solid foundation for recovery.

How do I get started?2021-06-21T18:32:45-05:00

If you are interested in PDAP and would like your child to be a part of our program, please reach out to our program staff to schedule an intake session. This allows our program staff to sit down with you and assess that PDAP will be a good fit.


When my daughter and I came to PDAP almost six years ago, I was absolutely drained.  I had no resources left to draw on; mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually.  As I attended meetings…  I could both see and feel the difference the program was making in all facets of my life; not just in my relationship with my daughter.  My daughter learned life lessons and gained valuable tools through the group, her sponsors, and working the steps.  These will always be available to her to draw upon should she choose to do so.


I am 17 years old.  I first stepped foot in PDAP 4 years ago.  At that time I was cold-hearted; I felt emotions were for weak-minded people.   At first, I was hesitant about coming, but I did it to get my parents off of my back.  A few weeks passed and I came to believe I really was and am an addict.  After a while in PDAP I made true friends/family, I came to believe in my higher power, basically I felt like a new person….  I truly believe that PDAP saved my life because without PDAP I know I would be either in a cemetery or in a lockdown facility.


“I wish you could know what I know about PDAP – it’s hard to put deep feelings into words. When a teen or young adult is abusing substances of any kind, chaos is sure to follow and we were that family. We started our journey in PDAP when our daughter was a 9th grader.   We have received much-needed help and guidance from licensed professionals who truly care about us and our daughter. I often tell others that PDAP is a program designed with us in mind. PDAP doesn’t tell us or our daughter what to do, they show us different, healthier, more positive ways to think, communicate, and live our lives.”

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