Did you know that 40% of the teenagers who start drinking at the age of 15 will have substance dependency issues as an adult?

You aren’t alone. So many teens get caught up in the downward spiral of drug use, dishonesty, legal problems, and ultimately self-loathing. If you muster the courage to address your addiction now, you will save yourself years of hurt and self-discouragement.

Building the foundation for a healthy and sober lifestyle through the 12-step program

As PDAP members work through the 12 steps with each other, the misery begins to slip away and is replaced with hope.

Learning from those who have been in your shoes

Through peer support, PDAP encourages teens to help each other through the recovery process by sharing their experiences, strengths, and hopes.  Peers who have been through what you are experiencing can understand you.  This helps you AND them and also helps build lifelong friendships among PDAP members.



In addition to learning recovery by attending meetings, sharing with peers, and meeting with counselors, teens also come to PDAP to hang out, socialize with peers, do homework, and just have fun!  Most of our members say that they never had so much fun!


How do I get started?

To get started please setup an intake appointment by calling 281-589-4833

Is there a cost to attend PDAP?

PDAP’s 12-step meetings, after-school activities and social functions are organized and staffed at no cost to you.  PDAP’s counseling services are available with a generous sliding scale fee structure, as we do not want the cost of counseling to get in the way of your recovery and healing. PDAP’s goal is to help your family get healthy, happy, and sober!

Can I bring a friend?

Wanting to bring your friends is completely understandable.  We want this to be a safe place for you.  If your friend is ready to make a change then they are welcome to the PDAP experience.  They must setup an intake appointment by calling 281-589-4833

My parents are making me go but I don’t want to go.  Should I still come?

All we ask is that you give PDAP a reasonable try. If you really don’t enjoy the experience, then there is no obligation to continue. The last thing we want is for you to feel like you are coming to PDAP as a form of punishment by your parents. If you don’t need this program, we will help you find another resource.

I don’t want to come with my parents.  Is it cool if I come without them?

We strongly urge parents to attend. You don’t have to arrive together, but if your parents really participate, you will be amazed at how much healthier your household can become.

Will people find out I’m attending?

Your participation in PDAP is 100% confidential. Amongst the group, we have a policy of respect that says “This is a safe place. Who you see here and what is said here, stays here.” You are free to tell others that you attend but please don’t tell others who else attends. If you are in a public place, staff members will not acknowledge you unless you acknowledge them first, thus ensuring that your privacy is protected.