Older Group provides a space for young adults to talk openly about topics that affect their futures. Continuing education, entering the workforce, achieving independent lifestyles, and maintaining healthy-sober friendships are but a few of the challenges that group members can receive support for.

Preparing for College & Your Career:

As you become more independent and make your own choices, you will find that being ‘told to stay sober’ and ‘wanting to stay sober’ are two very different things.  PDAP will help equip you with the skills for living a healthy & sober lifestyle in new environments as you move away from your family to attend college or live on your own.  Your peers in the PDAP Older Group will be a source of support for you when you need it.


In addition to 12-step meetings and counseling, you can come to PDAP to hang out, socialize with your peers, and just have fun!  You can also help plan and participate in activities that are regularly organized such movie nights, going to the zoo, bowling nights, and other exciting retreats.  Everything you do at PDAP is teaching you that a sober lifestyle is also a fun lifestyle!

How do I get started?

 Simply come to one of our older group meetings. If you are ready to make a change in your life, PDAP will be there for you on your journey to sobriety. If you decide to give us a try, you will meet with a counselor for an intake to get your recovery plan started.

Is there a cost to attend PDAP?

PDAP’s recovery program and social activities are available at no cost.  Counseling services are available on a generous sliding scale fee structure. PDAP does not want money to get in the way of anyone who needs help and support with their recovery. PDAP’s goal is to help you get healthy, happy, and sober!

Is the Older Group the same as Younger Group?

The Younger Group is for teens who are from 12 years old through high school.  The Older Group is for adolescents who are out of high school and aged 18-25 years old.  There is not only a difference between the ages in these two groups but also the activities.  The group meetings and activities for the Older Group are designed for young adults who are transitioning into college and the work force.

Can I bring a friend?

Wanting to bring your friends is completely understandable.  We want this to be a safe place for you.  If your friend is ready to make a change then they are welcome to the PDAP experience.  If your friend isn’t ready to make a change, then it will be difficult for you to gain anything out of the experience.

My parents are making me go but I don’t want to go. Should I still come?

All we ask is that you give PDAP a reasonable try. If you really don’t enjoy the experience, then there is no obligation to continue. The last thing we want is for you to feel like you are coming to PDAP as a form of punishment by your parents. If you don’t join our program, we will help you find another resource that will better meet your needs.

I don’t want to come with my parents. Is it cool if I come without them?

Come to a meeting and see what PDAP is about. If you decide to stay around, we will strongly urge parental participation, because the whole family will become healthier.
We keep your conversations confidential so your parents aren’t going to hear what you say.

Will people find out I’m attending?

Your participation in PDAP is 100% confidential. Amongst the group, we have a policy of respect that says “This is a safe place. Who you see here and what is said here, stays here.” You are free to tell others that you attend but please don’t tell others who else attends. If you are in a public place, staff members will not acknowledge you unless you acknowledge them first, thus ensuring that your privacy is protected.