Have a positive effect in the world

If you are looking to work for a well-respected organization that has been positively impacting the lives of adolescents and families since 1971, PDAP may be the place for you! Unlike other recovery resources, the PDAP staff have an opportunity to build relationships with teens, young adults, and their parents ito establish solid foundations for their futures.

If you are a recovering addict or have experienced drug and alcohol abuse with your friends and family, then you may be uniquely qualified to join the PDAP staff. Recovery creates a unique set of qualifications for PDAP staff, and we value the wisdom and integrity of staff members who actively participate in a recovery program. Their past experiences not only make their insights more powerful, but also enable staff to develop a special bond with PDAP members.


Part-Time Peer Recovery Coach (Adolescent Program)

Job Description

A PDAP Recovery Coach will be expected to help develop and/or maintain an adolescent substance abuse site, otherwise known as a Satellite. This PDAP Satellite will service the needs of both adolescent program and parent program participants. All services and methodologies will follow PDAP Policies and Procedures as specified by the Program Manager. A PDAP Recovery Coach will be expected to act as a healthy “role model” to all PDAP participants by:

  • Operating with integrity in all relationships with staff and participants
  • Following a strong program of recovery
  • Reflect the character developed in recovery in any and all personal social media posts, recognizing that you are a role model for youth and an ambassador for the organization
  • Assisting program manager in assessing participants and case management
  • Enforcing group boundaries
  • Ensuring adherence to PDAP philosophy and standards


  • To provide a safe, clean, and professional PDAP Satellite environment.
  • To share recovery (experience, strength, and hope) with all PDAP participants through compassion.
  • To reach out to PDAP newcomers, facilitate newcomer meetings, answer any questions they might have about PDAP, and follow any meeting with a recap for the participants.
  • To provide recovery team with information regarding participant’s progress in recovery and participation in the program.
  • To provide community substance abuse education with the assistance and supervision of the recovery staff.
  • To complete monthly surveys to track participant’s progress.
  • To complete daily, weekly, and monthly attendance, GAF reports, satellite inventories, phone lists, and function calendars.
  • To complete documentation in timely manner.
  • Identify group, organization, and satellite needs and discuss them with supervisor.
  • To attend all specified PDAP staff meetings and training sessions.
  • To develop and/or maintain effective relations with your PDAP Satellite host.
  • To adhere to all PDAP Policies and Procedures and to follow the PDAP Code of Conduct.
  • To identify and develop relationships and potential referral resources within the satellite community.


Education: High School Diploma or GED

Credentials: Peer Recovery Coach Certificate, Recovery Coach License or Completed Training

Other: A minimum of 2 years of participation in a 12-step program.

Open to: Evening Shift, 20-30 hours weekly, Weekends as assigned.

Experience: Experience in a 12-step leadership position.

Skills: Must have extensive skills in the following areas:

  • 12-Step education and the ability to facilitate a deep understanding of each step, tradition, and promise
  • Role modeling and use of the 12 Steps in daily activities
  • Organizing and managing large groups and teenage social activities
  • Motivational Interviewing skills
  • Knowledge of substance use and risky behavior as related to the teen population


Received: Recovery Coaches are supervised by the Program Manager.

Equipment Use: Desktop/laptop computer, Word, Excel (preferred)

NOTE: Duties and responsibilities may be added, deleted or changed at any time at the discretion of management, either orally or in writing.

Please send all resume’s to: Admin@pdaphouston.org, for more information call 281-589-4602