The Palmer Drug Abuse Program (PDAP) is an alternative peer group for adolescents and families in the Greater Houston area who seek to prevent or overcome the harmful effects of drug and alcohol abuse.  Getting involved with PDAP begins by attending a meeting to see what we are all about!


Simply come to one of our Houston area office locations and get started. There are no payments or forms to fill out and there is no registration necessary.


It does not cost anything to join PDAP. We want the focus to be 100% on recovery without the stress of money.


Everyone who is ready to make a change in their lives is welcome at PDAP. There are no interviews or screening processes of any kind.




Sober Social Activities

PDAP provides fun, supervised, sober activities such as bowling nights, trips to the movies, laser tag, trips to the zoo, etc.

Case Management

Trained professionals interact routinely with each client, assessing and advising when additional care is needed or helping families with new relationship tools.

Family Healing

Through participation of both parents and child, the family begins to understand each other and heal relationships.

12-Step Meetings with Peers

On a weekly basis, PDAP offers 12-step meetings in which participants safely share their experiences, strengths, and hopes, offering insight to others and receiving support from peers.

Retreats and Educational Programs

PDAP helps clients and family members understand addiction and develop helpful tools to effectively manage daily challenges and prepare for potential crises.

Clinical Services

PDAP offers a wide range of clinical services with highly trained, experienced, and licensed counselors.  Services include individual and family counseling, assessment and referral, multifamily group, and supportive outpatient groups.


PDAP locations also serve as a safe havens for group members.  Younger group members safely hang out after school on Monday through Thursday. Older group has available satellite time several times each week.

PDAP Twelve-Step Support Group Meetings

PDAP provides adolescents, young adults, and families with the resources and support needed to overcome the nightmare of substance abuse.

Participants join one of three groups
younger-group (1)

YOUNGER GROUP ages 12 through High School

Learn the 12-steps: Build the foundation for living a sober lifestyle.

Get a Sponsor, Be a Sponsor: Not only receive support from others but give back to your peers and help them learn from your experiences.


OLDER GROUP ages 18-25

You Won’t Get Preached To: The activities & support programs are appropriate for people 18+ years old.

Not Just Talk: Peers and staff are there to help, support, offer suggestions, and give feedback. They are not there to judge.

parents-group (1)


Safe and Secure Environment: Meet with other parents who are also facing the everyday challenges of addiction in their family.

No Judgment, No Secrets: Feel comfortable sharing your issues.  Every parent is there to help each other, not judge each other.